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ReLearning Curve at Evaluation 2013


Jordan Nowotny will be presenting a session on evaluating blended learning titled “Evaluating Instruction in the Blended Classroom” at Evaluation 2013, October 18, in Washington, D.C. Come to his session to learn about:

  • the similarities and differences in evaluating face-to-face, online, and blended learning;
  • the methodological challenges in evaluating a program while it is undergoing continuous development;
  • the use of analytical frameworks to help program managers understand and utilize evaluation findings.

Thought leaders, experts and seasoned evaluators from all around the world will be discussing trends and challenges and valuable industry practices. We are happy that ReLearning Curve will be among them.

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What Data Can’t Do

David Brooks’ article talks about the limitations of using data when making complex decisions.

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Community Mapping Workshop in D.C.


ReLearning Curve is partnering with GP RED and the Institute for Public Health Innovation (IPH) to deliver a community mapping workshop in Washington, D.C. on October 27-28, 2013 to explore youth perceptions of their neighborhoods as part of a CDC Community Transformation Initiative focused on safe access to recreation opportunities. The goal of the workshop is to understand how youth currently use their neighborhoods for active living, as well as their opinions about what can be improved to promote healthier lifestyles.

Workshop participants consist of 30 youth aged 13-18 from three different communities in Prince George County. Participants will engage in focus group mapping using the uMap methodology developed by ReLearning Curve’s Research Associate, Dr. Pamela Wridt. This method includes the use of aerial photography and Google Maps to document young people’s current and desired use of their neighborhood for play, recreation and social purposes. The mapping component is part of GP RED’s broader Safe Routes to Play initiative.

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