What We Do

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Organizations need different types of evaluation support at different stages in their development. Whether you are large or small, new or established, need a full-scale evaluation or some guidance on a small part of the process, we can help.

These are some of the questions we help our clients answer:

You want to know how to show your board members/funders/ constituents that you are meeting your goals.

ReLearning Curve can help you to define meaningful outcomes and a realistic timeframe for when you will achieve them so that you can have better control over how others hold you accountable.

You’ve started collecting data, but are not sure if it’s enough, too much, or the right data.

ReLearning Curve knows that data collection is an investment of time and staff – your most important resources. We can help you develop data collections tools and processes that are more efficient, effective and result in greater staff buy-in and use.

Your program is working, but you want it to be even better.

ReLearning Curve draws upon a broad range of analytic designs, methodologies and data collection tools in order to tailor each evaluation to meet the needs of our clients.

So, that new grant you are applying for requires an external evaluation…

ReLearning Curve will write the evaluation section of the proposal and review your goals, activities, and outcomes to make sure that they are all in sync and are addressed in the evaluation.  Once you receive the grant we will do the evaluation and navigate you through the  reporting requirements while providing you with useful information for program mediation and improvement.