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Evaluation Within Reach

In 2012 ReLearning Curve launched Evaluation Within Reach, a pro bono program to support small, newer, non-profits to develop their evaluation capacity. The impetus for Evaluation Within Reach was based on our belief that a lack of funding should not prevent any organization from having access to quality evaluation.

Organizations are selected through a competitive application process. We target those that are serving an unmet need in their community, that have never had a formal evaluation, and have some type of data collection process in place. Through a structured series of consultation and coaching, the non-profit completes an entire evaluation cycle which can cover up to two years.  The evaluation activities are individualized, based on the organization’s need, experience, and capacity.

We have had two organizations complete the pilot cycle, Start Small Think Big and GallopNYC.  You can read an overview of our work with GallopNYC here.

We would like to work with another EWR cohort in the future.  If you are a small non-profit that is interested in program evaluation but are not yet evaluating your programs CONTACT US. We will let you know when we start the next round.

You can support this work by making a donation to ReLearning Curve SUPPORT US.