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Training and Professional Development

ReLearning Curve offers workshops to build organizations’ evaluation capacity. Our goal is to empower professionals by helping them to develop and hone their research and program evaluation-related skills. We offer workshops that are designed to target a specific organization’s need or goal, as well as topical workshops targeted to professionals across different organizations.

Workshop topics include:

  • Outcome Mapping: The first step for any evaluation process is identifying outcomes. An outcome map visually diagrams the relationships between the strategies and intended results of an initiative or program. It presents an organization’s roadmap for change in a way that can be easily communicated internally as well as to stakeholders and funders. Click here to read an example of our work with the NYC Mayor’s Office.
  • Do I Need an Evaluator?:  Given the scarce resources for evaluation, organizations need to be savvy in how they select and work with evaluators. This workshop helps participants determine whether they should allocate resources for evaluation internally, externally, or both. Organizations learn to assess their internal evaluation capacity, to identify situations in which to hire an evaluator, the criteria for selecting an appropriate evaluator, and how to optimize that external evaluation to grow internal capacity.
  • Using Surveys to Assess Knowledge, Behavior and Perceptions: The survey is one of the most common, versatile, and accessible data collection tools. That’s why it is so often misused. This workshop will review the basics of survey administration.  It will cover topics from when to use a shelf survey versus designing your own, how to select an appropriate survey, how to write good survey questions (or psychometrics in English), and how to prepare staff or program participants to conduct surveys reliably.
  • Managing Data for Optimal Impact:  Do you forget about collecting data until the day after your wonderfully effective program has ended? Are you buried alive by piles of completed surveys, spreadsheets and rubrics? Have you ever felt as if you are mired in analysis paralysis? If so, you are not alone. This workshop can help you to learn how to organize, analyze, and utilize your data to improve your programs and secure additional funding.

ReLearning Curve values your suggestions. Contact us with ideas for future trainings or workshops.