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 ReLearning Curve is committed to:

  • Cultivating a learning-based relationship with clients
  • Promoting clients’ self-sufficiency in collecting, analyzing, and using their own research and data
  • Helping clients make informed decisions based on sound data
  • Demonstrating effectiveness through scientifically rigorous program evaluation
  • Highlighting best practices through documentation research
  • Helping clients become better informed consumers of evaluation
  • Working with clients to identify key challenges and create opportunities to develop more effective programs
  • Supporting nonprofits at all stages of development to evaluate their work
  • Using data to address the disparities of quality education and limited opportunities that exist for disenfranchised communities

ReLearning Curve started Evaluation Within Reach, our pro bono consulting and coaching program, based on our belief that a lack of funding should not prevent any organization from having access to quality evaluation.